Wednesday, January 6, 2010


It finally looks as though things are turning around for Graham.
Throughout yesterday, lab results were coming back looking better and better.
Tonight he'll start receiving nutrition through his central line which will help him build back some of his strength.
Also, he is peeing! It hasn't helped with the swelling too much at this point, but we are happy it's finally happening.
He is still on the breathing machine, but they are starting to ween him because he is not needing as much help taking breaths.
They are still doing two dressing changes a day and keeping a close eye on how the omphalocele is healing. To our untrained eye, it looks pretty nasty, but the doctors say it is healing well.
No report back on the bacteria or viral cultures taken, so Graham still has us and his doctors a little puzzled as to what exactly he caught. We're hoping with time we'll know, but have been informed that sometimes it remains a mystery. As long as he gets better, that is what matters right now.
Time is what is needed now for our little guy to start to recover. We feel the worst is over, but we've been warned there could be some down ticks still in the future. It's such a relief though to start getting more and more good news.
You would all just be amazed at how much of a little fighter Graham is. Everyday, I just look at him and can't believe what he's been through and how he must be feeling, yet he's still kickin'.
On our end, we are anxiously waiting for those sweet little eyes to open up and look at us the way they used to. I also haven't held my baby since Saturday, so I'm itching to get him in my arms again.


  1. So glad to hear you are getting good news and that things are looking up for you and your little guy! I will pray that the good news will keep on coming:-) Hang in there and I look forward to hearing the update where you get to hold him again...that will be so exciting!

    take care,

  2. It was good to check your blog and hear that things are better. Those viruses can be stubborn and can certainly take a toll on a little person! I was glad to hear that some wet diapers are starting! I know what it is like to get excited about something like that!
    Still praying for you all!
    Katie Crouch Clayton

  3. Graham is in our prayers. Hope that you only receive good news from here forward.

    The Laws;
    John, Julie, Jack, Will, and Caroline

  4. So thankful for the good news. We have been and will continue to pray for healing for Graham and for peace of mind for both of you. Keep your faith strong in Him!.

    Cheryl Campbell

  5. We are praying for baby Graham and for Mom & Dad as well.

    Chris and Carol Fenimore

  6. All of you are in our thoughts(especially the G-man).

    Scott Cruse
    Bean Bergs

  7. Good news. I hope the good trend results in him feeling more comfortable asap.