Thursday, January 7, 2010

Still Healing

We took some pictures of Graham's omphalocele today during his dressing change. They have trimmed away some of the vicrylmesh that was covering the omphalocele and are happy with the tissue that is starting to form that will soon be skin. The white part that you see is granulation tissue. It looks very open and scary, but we are assured this is what it is supposed to look like. It is healing well. When Graham has his final surgery in the fall, all he will have is a small incision down his abdomen and even have a belly button! It's hard to imagine.
Our little baby is still battling horrible swelling. He has gained over 2 lbs just in fluid. The skin on his hand and foot is actually starting to peel off. Dermatology was just here and they are keeping an eye on the rash and the peeling. Poor little guy. We shift him from his back to one of his sides every two hours because the fluid starts to pool. Even though Graham's kidney function is getting back to normal, the swelling will take some time to go down.

G is still on the ventilator. His lungs are better and he's basically breathing on his own, but with all the swelling, that can make it difficult to breath, so the tube stays in for now.

As all bacteria and viral cultures come back negative, there are still no answers as to what has caused all this to happen. As frustrating as that can be, I am focusing on making sure Graham is comfortable. All that swelling makes his skin very tender to the touch. Mommy and Daddy are having to refrain from the kisses on the hands and feet to the forehead only : ) He is getting morphine and another pain med I can't spell to help him get the rest he needs to mend.

I have to say, Graham is quite the heartbreaker here in the NICU at Riley. He's got all the nurses wrapped around his puffy little finger. He gets lots of visits from nurses he's had in the past and they all dote on him and give him nothing but the best care in the world.


  1. hi
    glad baby is some better i check the blog daily
    love to both Nancy Sink

  2. Katie & Bill,

    Thanks so much for the update. Graham is a fighter and we are so happy he is getting the best of care. Stay strong and know that your friends and neighbors are thinking of you.

    Jim and Mylien

  3. Katie & Bill - I've been checking little Graham's progress every day. You guys are in my thoughts & prayers throughout the day for healing, peace, and strength. I look forward to the day when you are able to post a photo the cute belly button on Graham's tummy.

    Sarah perry

  4. Hey Laws and Ryders! Hang in there, glad to hear G is doing better. It may be comforting to know that although we can hardly forget, in 9 months lil G man will have little to no recollection of his good fight and only a little incision on the tumnmy to remind us. Here's to a great 2010 for all of you!


  5. Bless his obedient little socks, he just breaks your heart looking at him! Sounds like he is finally headed in the right direction again, and I'm sure that makes you both feel a lot better too. The folks down at Riley seem to know what they are doing; you are definitely in the right place! Hang in there - you will be snuggling the Little Guy in your arms again before you know it :) Lots of good thoughts going your way!!

  6. Bill & Katie. What a strong little man you have and very handsome I must add!!! Hang in there. You are in the whole Schenkel families thoughts and prayers.

    Anna Schenkel Morrow

  7. The Ryder California branch send all of our love and positive thoughts to everyone. "G" is a real tough guy and we can't wait to meet him someday.

    Lots of love.

  8. Katie & Bill,
    Graham is such a brave little guy, and I'm so happy to hear that he's moving towards recovery from this mystery set back. It sounds like he's certainly in the best hands with the best parents!

    Finleigh sends him extra hugs and kisses to feel better soon.

    The McSurley Clan (Oliver, Kate, and Fin)

  9. What a little trooper your little man! We are ALL thinking about you and praying for you here at WRC. So glad to hear that things are looking better. I hope you don't mind but Sommer, Lee Ann, Matt, and several other pros, and myself have shared you blog with members. Many of them are concered for Graham's health and recovery. We deeply care about all of you. Let us know if you need ANYTHING.

    Courtney and the rest of the WRC gang