Thursday, January 28, 2010

Capturing Moments

Bill's cousin, Angela, came by yesterday for a visit. She happens to be an amazing photographer and captured some precious family moments.

Angela Brown Photgraphy
Carmel, IN


  1. Welcome home Ward! Your presence will bring comfort to the weary Ryders and hopefully an encouraging report from Graham.

    We continue to hold all you guys in our hearts.

  2. Look at his skinny little arms! Normally you wouldn't want to hear that for a baby, but he looks fantastic! I hope we continue to hear the good news!!! Love, Amber

  3. He's so beautiful; thanks for continuing to share. Always in our thoughts and prayers. xxo, Julie and John

  4. You are exactly correct . . . . she is an amazing photographer!! Graham is absolutely adorable, actually beautiful even if he is a boy. We are so excited that he continues to do so well. Little by little he's on his way to recovery. God bless you all. Our thoughts and prayers will continue to be with you.

    Hank and Betty

  5. Aww, thanks you two :) I absolutely love his tummy time pic...eyes wide open! I can't wait to see even more and more eyes wide open pics as the days wear on. Go, Graham!

  6. He looks so good!! you can really see how he is improving every day.. We continue to pray for you all

    Chris and Carol Fenimore

  7. Oh those pics are so precious! Just like Graham!