Saturday, January 16, 2010


We wanted you to know that Graham is going through an unexpected difficult time. Last night his breathing became labored, which necessitated increasing his dependence on the respirator. His white blood cell count is also elevated indicating an infection. As if that is not enough, he is experiencing some fluid in his lungs. His doctors are awaiting test results (cultures, chest ultrasound) to determine the cause and the site of a possible new infection.
We know you will keep special thoughts for Graham while we wait. The blog will be updated when we learn more or if there are any changes.


  1. I asked Olivia her to watch over her friend Graham and to give him some extra strength to feel better soon! Your family continues to be in our prayers.
    Adam and Jodi Burns

  2. We're saying prayers for him guys...hang in there. We love you.
    Andy and Kir

  3. I'm so sorry you're back on a down slope. I remember just how those times felt and they were really, really hard. I hope they'll let you keep holding your little guy. (I know what a process that is too!) I really believe it's got to be healing for both of you.

    Love you guys...ALL of you!


  4. Sorry to hear that Graham had a setback today. I hope that the cultures come back soon and a new plan a care is quickly devised to get him back on the healing path! I have all the faith in Dr. West and the rest of your team! On a more positive note I am glad to hear that the H1N1 visitor restriction has been lifted and all the grandparents will now be able to visit on a regular basis! I will be sure to check on you when I get back to work on Tuesday, until then I will follow Grahams journey through the blog! See you then and take care!
    Courtney Benjamin