Sunday, January 31, 2010

Blood Pressure Woes

The high blood pressure Graham has been experiencing over the past few days escalated yesterday and reached dangerous levels last night into this morning. The docs added a new medication and changed the dosages of his current ones. Thankfully, the numbers finally began to fall. Uneasy hours. His levels are still not ideal, but we hope to get into a normal range soon. The suspected cause of this blood pressure problem is his damaged kidneys...specifically ATN (acute tubular nephritis).
We will keep you updated as we learn more.


  1. Hang in there guys!!! He's a tough little fighter, as you have previously experienced. Continued thoughts and prayers are with you, as always!

    Hank and Betty

  2. Good to hear that Baby G is extubated! As I read your daily posts, I cannot help but remember those first days/weeks/months at Riley with Willamina. My heart goes out to both of you because I know the strength that is needed to deal with a sick baby. It is so challenging!
    (It doesn't help that Riley has a crummy cafeteria and the only other place to eat is McDonalds!)
    Keep pumping because eventually baby G will starting keeping the milk down but it can be a long process. Baby steps.
    You guys are always in our prayers.
    Big virtual hugs!
    Katie, Will, Willamina & Olive

  3. We are looking forward to the day you are back across the street but we are happy you are in a place with such great medical care for Graham. Looking forward to walking our little ones in strollers this summer. Take care and stay strong,

    Love, Pete, Evangeline, Yiorgos, Nikolaos, Ilias and Baby Maximos

  4. So happy to hear that Graham is off the ventilator and is more comfortable! Now we will pray for his kidneys to heal and for his blood pressure to become and stay in normal range! Stay strong just like little Graham! What a tough guy:-)

  5. Just love you more and more little G-man with every word we hear and every picture we see. Maybe we'll stop by this weekend to see all of you!!!!!Yes, I know not really ALL of you but daddy can slip back to you and bring us a brand new photo. Hugs to all of you joyce and bill

  6. Wonderful news to hear Graham is off his ventilator! He's a tough little guy for sure. Many prayers being continually said for his healing. Love,julie and john

  7. Sweet Graham and ALL of you deserve a break from anything other than pure health! So glad to hear that the ventilator is out and making him more comfy...the pictures of him without it are adorable. I'll be sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers your way that his blood pressure returns to a "normal" state, and that his kidneys begin to heal themselves. Much love to all of you!