Thursday, July 1, 2010

Graham's First Trip to the Zoo

As Graham is getting older and stronger, we are feeling more and more comfortable taking him out and about. So, since the weather couldn't be more perfect this week and my friend Michelle was visiting with her two little ones from out of town, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to see Fort Wayne's famous children's zoo. The day was a blast. Graham was nothing but happy the entire day.
We went on an African Safari...

He slept through the giraffes,

Daddy showed him the monkeys,

and he had fun watching his friends on the carousel.

I'm sure there are many trips to the zoo in store for us as Graham gets older, but this was a special day because getting to take my son to the zoo was something I've dreamed about doing long before we even met him.

On a side note, Graham also had what will be his last swallow test Thursday morning. He passed with flying colors. As much as this is wonderful news, it doesn't change a whole lot with the feeding tube. Yes, the feeding tube is in because he was having difficulties swallowing, but Graham is also having some gaining weight issues. We are using the tube to supplement him with the extra calories he needs. He still won't take a bottle.
We have a much anticiptated appointment down in Indy with Dr. West on July 8th. Hopefully, we'll have a better idea of future plans for Graham's surgery when we see her.