Friday, January 29, 2010


Graham is extubated and he is still resting comfortably, now, nearly four hours since that nasty ventilator tube was removed. He is breathing on his own and he is putting up good numbers. His pulse ox is in the 90's and his blood gases are great. The G-Man is getting a minimum amount of oxygen through a cannula. He is much happier and so are we.
The surgery yesterday to put in the tunnel line went well. Graham is getting his nutrition and meds through this line in the same manner he did with the central line.
G's blood pressure is still a bit high and the culprit is his weakened kidneys. As mentioned in the previous blog, this problem should solve itself as his kidneys naturally heal.
The next hurdle is to get real food into Graham's system. He is now off the pain medication necessitated by the ventilator. The morphine may have slowed the digestive process, so we are hoping the next few days will show positive signs and he can begin taking breast milk through a stomach tube.
Hour by hour. Day by day. We are cautiously letting ourselves think Graham is finally getting back his health.


  1. Go Graham! I bet he is happy having that vent out. So glad that all went well with the surgery. What great news! Continuing our prayers for you all.

  2. Great news for Graham!!! There is power in prayer and we are seeing it first hand!~ Praying for you all!

  3. Yeah for G-man off the vent! Keep up the great work little man.

    Gretchen Hughes

  4. Such wonderful news! We think of you all the time!
    Weiter so lieber Graham sagen Dein kleiner Freund Louis und Andrea und Konstantin

  5. so glad to hear this! yay for g-man! ;)