Monday, January 4, 2010

Sick Baby

Graham a week ago compared to yesterday.

We were told that in cases like Graham's, it often gets worse before it gets better. I think that's what we're experiencing now. Poor little Graham, as you can see from the comparative pictures, has some horrible swelling. His kidney function is way down, perhaps in order for his body to compensate his other organs. We're now all doing the pee dance because he is retaining all the fluids he is getting through his IVs and not peeing them out. They gave him a diuretic last night and it didn't work. Not a good thing.
The mask with the tubes attached is a CPAP machine. Yesterday, a chest X-ray showed Graham's left lung had collapsed. The CPAP helps build it back up without having to put him on a ventilator and it's working slowly but surely. Another X-ray at midnight showed some improvement.
Today we're anxious to talk to all of our doctors and find out what they can do about the swelling and see about getting those kidneys functioning again.
Graham is such a brave boy. He does better than Mommy when they stick him for IVs. He has very small veins and with the swelling they are even harder to find and then the IV doesn't stay in very well. He's been stuck 10-15 times over the last 2 days along with having blood drawn every 4-6 hours. Such a trooper!
In the picture above, he is getting a blood transfusion to get his red blood cell count up and that is beginning to work. His levels are not yet where they want them to be, so he'll get more blood today.
We should know today exactly what the infection is when we get the results from the lab cultures. The infection most likely originated from the surgical wound around the omphalocele. He is still very, very sick. The docs said it takes 24-48 hours for those antibiotics to take full effect, so hopefully after today we'll start to see some improvement. We'll let you know about the changes. Thank you so much for your comments and prayers, your support is felt and helps more than you know.


  1. Dear Katie, Just bk to Curves and so sorry to hear all your news. Graham is a lovely little boy and in a few years will be saying Mummy, tell me again about when.... I'm sure it is awful to see him so sick right now. You and Bill stay strong - Baby needs you. You are all in my thoughts and prayers as we all wait for better news and better days ahead.

  2. I'm so sorry you're all having to go through this. I can't imagine how frightening it is, even though we had a similar experience or two. I'll be envisioning some happily functioning kidneys for your little guy. I think I'll go out and do a pee dance right now! We're all here for you!

    Love, Stacey

  3. You tell that little man to hang in there!! I am praying for you all...xtra prayers go to Graham.

  4. Hi Bill and Katie, Just letting you know the Wildwood family is thinking about you and Baby Graham. What a little cutie. Stay strong, you're constantly in our thoughts and prayers.

  5. Hi Bill and Katie,

    I am Andy and Kirsten's good friend - I wanted you to know I am praying for you and Graham is in my thoughts!! He is such a trooper!! Keeping the Law family in my thoughts and prayers and sending you well wishes from Chicago!!

    Allison Blinn

  6. Bill & Katie, Your extended Hapkido family is keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Little Graham is black belt tough.

  7. Bill and Katie,
    Just want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Oh that precious boy. Prayers that God continues to give each of you the strength you need.
    Sincerely, Aubrey D'Agostino

  8. well good gravy....just know that we are constantly thinking about you guys when Bill came over and said there was a reason it looked quiet at your house...that you were back at Riley...Hang in there guys!!! He's definately a fighter!!!! ~ Mitch and Jill