Saturday, January 9, 2010

On the Mend

Graham has had a good couple days. From Bill and my standpoint, although the swelling has only gone down a bit, we can see that he is trying to open his eyes and is acting a little more alert. Dr. West is very happy with the way things are going. His rash is going away and he is still peeing. His platelet levels are a little concerning. Those levels are not staying up which means those little infection warriors are fighting hard and needing to be replaced. They have given him the same amount of platelets that they would give to an adult. He is fighting a good fight, that's for sure.

Graham's skin is still peeling and there are a couple theories as to why he is peeling so much. We have made it so his dry skin is not uncomfortable by putting a gel-like product on called Vigilon. The clear tape-like stuff on his hands and feet is the Vigilon and it's working like a charm.

So right now, we are just waiting for the swelling to go down enough to take out the breathing tube. Slowly but surely, we're seeing our little boy come back to life a little bit at a time. Each day he is better than the last and that is all we can ask for. Keep it up, Graham!!!


  1. What a great post! Graham looks so much better just within a couple days. It is amazing! I am so relieved to hear that he is getting better. I love the picture of him snuggled up to his silky. Too sweet! We will continue to keep you all in our prayers. Thank you for the update. I check often throughout the day for progress reports:)

  2. The G-man is such a trooper! Looking so good! You all are in my thoughts and prayers every day. Love the great updates.

  3. Great update today! So glad to read this:-) Graham is a tough little man! Still sending the prayers your way! Take care!

  4. Baby steps in the right direction! So good to hear that each day is a little better than the last.