Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Hiccup

Tummy time

Graham gave us pause yesterday when he developed a fever of 100.4 degrees. This set off a flurry of activity that included blood tests, cultures, and x-rays. The immediate worry was another infection. This development came as we were starting the countdown for the ever-so-important removal of his ventilator. The fever was coupled with an unusually high heart rate, further indicating an infection.
We do not have the blood cultures back yet, but G is back on track today...normal temperature and heart rate. We hope this was just a hiccup in his road back to health.
Graham has been experiencing high blood pressure and has not been responding to normal blood pressure medication. We found out today that he has some kidney damage that is causing the high BP. The docs feel that as his kidneys heal the BP problem should solve itself. Time.
Tomorrow will be a big day for the G-Man. A less-invasive tunnel line will be put in, which will replace his central line that was removed today. This surgical procedure will take place around 1:00P tomorrow. The tunnel line is less prone to infection and will serve essentially the same purpose as his central line. The big bonus, we hope, is that if the procedure goes well, his ventilator can be removed afterwards. The respiratory therapy team says his numbers indicate he is ready.
The attempt to introduce breast milk through his stomach tube was a failure yesterday. Although small amounts were tried (5 ml every two hours), he vomited them back up. It was disappointing ... a reminder we are always on "Graham time". But Dr. West said some part of his digestive system is just not quite ready and they will simply try again in a couple days.
The rash is still a puzzle, thought somewhat less pronounced today. The use of steroids has been put on hold for now, for a number of reasons.
After making the flight from Turkey, Uncle Ward was able to see Graham for the first time late last night. The scene of Katie and Ward looking at and touching Graham warmed Grandma and Grandpa Ryder's hearts.


  1. It sounds like the G-man is making some real progress! Sorry to hear he's not quite ready for food in his tummy yet. Believe me, I know how discouraging that is, especially if you're pumping and pumping. We had to buy a whole new freezer...and even then ended up throwing a lot of milk away. He'll get there though. Don't worry : ) Glad to hear it doesn't sound like there's any major infection...and I'll be thinking happy, free-breathing thoughts for all of you tomorrow!

    Love, Stacey

  2. Glad to hear that Graham is doing better! Continuing to pray for him, you and the whole medical team. We love you all!

    John, Laura, Rachel, Ryan, Aneta

  3. Keep the pictures coming! He is just too handsome! It looks like he is enjoying his tummy time. I am glad to hear that the "hiccup" did not last and that his temp was back to normal. Welcome home Ward! Praying for you all!

  4. So glad to hear that Graham is doing better! We continue to pray for all of you.

    Erik and Casey

  5. I really really enjoyed taking care of Graham on Tuesday night and getting to know you and your family! I hope you are enjoying your time with was very precious getting witness his first meeting of his nephew! I can't wait to see pictures of Graham without that old vent tube! As I said I'm not back til Tuesday :( so, I'll keep track of him from here until then! Take care, Pam (thanks for sharing your precious little guy with me)