Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day after surgery

Well the day after surgery started off great. Graham got his breathing tube taken out this morning and that made a big difference. He did not like that thing and neither did Mommy and Daddy. He's breathing perfectly on his own. He's got some swelling all over (face, hands and legs)but we're noticing tonight that it's starting to go down. Dr. West said that should be much better tomorrow. He slept the majority of the day, actually all day, they're keeping him pretty comfortable. Poor little guy had quite a day yesterday. He is such a trooper. We're anxious to get him pooping and eating again asap so he can start to get his strength back.


  1. Good Morning Mommy & Daddy! Graham is SOOOO BEAUTIFUL! Oh well look who his parents are :o) I brought my laptop to work today to see if I can get a "Signal" Yahoo I did. So this is the first time I got to see your posts. I am sending you good vibes so you will be home for Christmas. Katie - don't worry about anything here at Curves it is all good! Love you guys.

  2. Good Evening.....from Peoria. We have been praying and having faith that all will go well for you all, but especially Graham. Blessings to you for good health. Our BEST to the NEW family and Grandma and Grandpa....The Peoria Bussans