Friday, December 18, 2009

Graham's New and Improved Omphalocele

Naked baby alert! Sorry guys, that is a catheter, but it got taken out less tube! The picture below is the first one taken of the omphalocele since his surgery. As you can see, the light tan material covering the omphalocele (vicrylmesh) is basically going to be Graham's new skin, since they cut off the membrane covering the omphalocele. Dr. West was hoping the skin coming up the side of his liver would come together, but since the liver didn't go in as planned, this is what it looks like now. The vicromesh will absorb as Graham's new skin will start to cover the exposed area over time. We will be doing daily dressings, (Dr. West was getting ready to do it in the picture) when we get home. As for when that will be, we still don't know. Still waiting on the Big Poop to happen. Poop equals eating, eating equals strength, strength equals home.
Graham was a little more alert today and didn't require as much pain management. He is such a tough cookie!
As I was just reading back over this post, I realized Graham is going to kill me one day for posting his naked picture and for talking way too much about his poop. Oh well, he better get used to his mom embarrassing him.

Here is Graham with Anna, another one of his wonderful nurses. They all just love him and take such good care of him! Graham is obviously still swollen from his surgery. So much so that he now has a double chin and has a hard time opening his eyes. He got a peek today though. His skin has proven to be very sensitive, hence the blotchiness on his cheeks from all the tape and tubes, but that doesn't seem to bother him that much.

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  1. Hey guys! Prayers answered and continue to see God's goodness in Grahams life! We look forward to having you back and we will make sure the drive is clear for your return!!! Keep hangin in there - you are great parents already!!!

    ~ Mitch and Jill