Tuesday, December 15, 2009


We've been meeting with lots of doctors, discussing Graham's surgery and preparing to send our little baby into surgery today. It's been pretty emotional. But I'm asking everyone to keep another family in their thoughts and prayers as they are preparing for much worse.
Our neighbor baby in the NICU module, Olivia Elizabeth (aka Graham's first girlfriend), is being taken off her life support. Olivia's mommy and daddy, Jodi and Adam, are a great couple Bill and I have enjoyed befriending. Even the grandmas have struck up a friendship knitting together in the NICU waiting room. Olivia was born the day before Graham and has struggled all week. For every piece of good news we recieved, they recieved bad. They are a strong family, but their lives will now forever be changed. Again, please remember the Burns family today and their little angel.

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  1. Praying for Olivia and Graham. Thanks for the updates! Love the sneezing! It is the littlest things that bring smiles to mommys and daddys!