Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Road to Recovery

Graham is out of surgery and all nestled in. We are waiting for the anesthesia to wear off and see those little eyes open up. He does have a breathing tube, but it won't be necessary for very long and will hopefully be out later this afternoon. We also hope he'll be eating again with mom by tonight.
In the surgery today, Dr. West was able to fold down some of the vicrylmesh that was originally covering the omphalocele over the part that had broken open. They think the incision ripped open because in Graham's everyday movement, the omphalocele moves too. It literally flops around when he breathes or cries. The main thing we'll do differently now is tighter dressings to prevent all this movement from happening. That omphalocele is wrapped within an inch of it's life!
We'll let you all know how he did when he woke up and how the rest of the day went on a post tonight. Thanks for checking in...

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