Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Graham Ryder Law...

Hello everyone. Everything went very well. We have named him Graham Ryder Law. He weighed 6 lbs. 12 oz, and is now here at Riley with Grandpa Ryder and I. Katie is in recovery at the IU Med Center with both grandmas and is fine. I will be posting pictures shortly. Thanks again everyone for your thoughts, comments and prayers. We will have more information on the omphalocele after speaking to the NICU team. We hope everyone is having a wonderful day. We are!!


  1. Congratulations! How exciting for you to finally get to meet your son! I am glad everythign went well and I know that Graham will be in good hands and will pray for a speedy recovery for him! Thanks for posting and updating us all.

  2. Super glad everything went well. Congrats! Keep us posted!


  3. Bill, Katie and Graham,

    Congratulations and happy birthday little man! We keep praying for all of you. Katie, get all the rest you can, Graham is in the best hands! Can't wait to read the next post!!
    Amber Naughton

  4. Congratulations!!
    Love, Stacey & Scott