Sunday, December 13, 2009


More good news today! Graham got his IV taken out. Not only does that mean one less cord to worry about, but that means he is getting enough fluids (breast milk) to sustain himself! YEAH! Also, the reductions on the omphalocele are going really well. This morning the doctors could manipulate it more which means his liver is going back in to his abdomen a little more and more everyday. Dr. West should know Tuesday when the surgery will be. We've had such a good day! We have a good little routine going...Daddy takes Graham's temperature and changes his diaper (yes, even the dirty ones) before each feeding and then makes sure Mommy and Graham are all settled in for meal time. After Graham eats he's usually pretty alert, the perfect time for quality time with Dad. Bill will take a book in and hold Graham for an hour.


  1. Hey Bill and Katie,
    Just saw the blog site. Congratulations!! Graham is such a handsome young man. He is blessed to have two wonderful people as parents. We look forward to seeing you when you return to Ft. Wayne.
    Ev & Sherry

  2. Hey Law family!
    Mickey and Dave Hill from New Haven here-just connected with your site thru Facebook and we are sooooo happy that little Graham is finally here! Congrats!! We will spread the good news at the co-op on Thursday. Met your manager last month and she is very excited to help with your Curves-what a blessing she must be!
    We'll keep up with your progress and know that you are in our prayers!

  3. What a wonderful weekend you all have had! Congrats on the feedings and the progress with the "o" (I won't attempt to spell it! LOL).

    You are in our thought and prayers daily!

  4. Really great that things are going so well. Keep the news coming . . .