Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Team Law

I realized today is Graham's two week "birthday", but it also marks the two weeks we've been living at Riley. It really has been such a blur. So many people have asked "How are you?" Although I could go on and on about what a wonderful place Riley is, we are ready to COME HOME! It's just not natural to put your baby to bed at night and then walk half a mile away to sleep and not know if your baby is crying or hungry. We have spent hours upon hours in the NICU, but it obviously just isn't the same as being on our own routine at home. We are getting along fine on sleep deprivation, I think I have mastered the art of sleeping sitting up. We love our Graham so much, we're just soaking up every little moment with him. I thought after 9 months of being the center of attention, I would miss it a little bit, but I have gladly relinquished the spotlight. Bill and I automatically went into parental mode and it's been an experience we'll both never forget. I keep talking about the amazing care Graham is receiving, but Riley has taken very good care of us too. Bill and I have always tried to be service-oriented and donate or volunteer for certain charities. We have never been on the other side and been the recipient of a charity. Ronald McDonald House has been our savior. I can't even begin to talk about how much they've helped us. Being able to stay close to the hospital, have hot home-cooked meals to eat and just a comfortable place to come "home" to, has allowed us to worry about the things we needed to. Another wonderful mood booster for us has been YOU! Your comments help more than you know and thanks to the Curves members who have sent the sweetest cards that have brought tears to my eyes. I miss you ladies! Having the support of friends and family is something we'll never take for granted, there are a lot of parents of little ones here who have no one. We love you all!
Hopefully by the end of the day, we'll have a more concrete update for you on when we'll be home.

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  1. I know *just* how you feel (and it feels weird to feel authoritative when I say that)! I promise that each day you have to stay will make your first day at home with Graham that much sweeter. There's nothing like being a family in your own home. Hang in there. Even though the time is probably going by painfully slow right now, in a couple of years, it'll seem like just a speck in all your lives.