Friday, February 12, 2010


Graham is making progress with the ingestion of breast milk. He vomited only after the initial introduction of breast milk via the g-tube, but not since then. He is doing so well that the volume has been increased from 5ml to 15ml. At one point the feeding time was reduced to every four hours from every six, but that did not work well and he is back to six hours.
The G-Man still has his cannula, receiving no added oxygen, but 3 liters/minute of air. We hope he can begin to be weaned from this assist soon.
New skin continues to enclose G's omphalocele. The wound therapists are excited about his progress.
Graham continues to be his happy self, lighting up everyone who comes in contact with him.


  1. So glad he's able to *be* his happy self again! Hope he's on that trajectory to go home again, finally!


  2. Such wonderful news and hope it continues that way! Way to go Graham!!

  3. So happy for you. Graham is soooo cute! Glad to hear that things are looking up. We will continue to pray!


  4. Way to go, G-Man!!! We are thrilled for you guys with this incredible news!!! Loved hearing good news several updates in a row. You have to feel like you are making huge progress now?
    Love to all,
    Betty and Hank

  5. Wow! Fabulous work, little man! All of that good breast milk will surely have you out of the hospital in no time. Amazing what a few weeks can do. I'll keep sending prayers and the warmest thoughts your way...home is right around the corner!! :)

  6. This is great news! I am so glad that the G man gets to have some of that milk that mom has worked so hard for!! All that time in the closet isn't for nothing!!

  7. Great news! He is just too cute:)We'll be in touch soon so we can have that double date!
    You will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers!
    Adam and Jodi