Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gastrointestinal Issues

Graham's ongoing problem with his digestive system was beginning to cause serious concerns for us and his docs. We were especially worried about something that would require an invasive procedure to correct. Today Graham was given a gastrointestinal radiological test (essentially an upper GI) to determine if anything was amiss. A series of x-rays followed the dye that was introduced as it passed through his system. Importantly, the dye passed through in a timely fashion. To every one's relief, the G-Man passed with flying colors. There were no twists, kinks, or obstructions.
The plan now is to begin feeding Graham 5ml of breast milk via a tube every six hours. He was given his first feeding at five o'clock this evening and he promptly threw it back up 30 minutes later. We are, of course, hoping Graham's system will gradually adjust and he can start getting the benefits of his mother's milk.
Dr. West decided today to replace the tube that went into G's stomach through his mouth with a much smaller tube through his nose. He is visibly more comfortable.
Graham is not on any type of medication, save for one to help digestion. He is pain free, symptom free, and taking no drugs. It is obvious why he is such a happy boy.
Dr. West shared this thought with me a few weeks ago...she said that pediatric care could be summed up with the 3P's...pee, poop, and puke. We have worked our way through number one and number two (sorry!), now the focus is no more puke!


  1. hey guys! catching up on my little man and it looks like things are going well. i should be back at work tomorrow night, so i can't wait to check in! :)

  2. Two months old and ready to go. (Just like his grandpa Ryder - not a quick starter but knows how to run the distance.)

    Keep up your endurance, Graham. We're all cheering for you.
    From Coach Doty