Sunday, February 14, 2010

Holding Pattern

There has been very little change in Graham's eating and breathing patterns in the last two days. It is becoming obvious that the transition to breast milk will take time. Mr. G is now getting 20ml of breast milk through the feeding tube every six hours, which is a slight change from the 15ml every 4 hours. The docs are hoping the longer time given to digest the milk will help lower his respiration rate. He is still getting his main nutrition(TPN)through the tunnel line into his blood stream.
Graham is back to 4 liters/minute of air (from 3) through his cannula. This flow of air is called "vapotherm" because the air is warmed and moisturized. G's respiration rate dictates the liters he receives. His relatively high respiration rate necessities more liters, hence part of the strategy with with six hour feedings.


  1. I think little Graham just has a mind of his own, and he's going to do things on HIS own time schedule! I love his personality already!
    As always, Go Graham Go!

  2. Happy to hear that Graham is eating. At least a bit anyway. May you experience extra grace as you learn to wait for Graham to decide! We wanted to come by and say good-bye before we left, but our dismissal was a bit drawn out and we didn't find a good time to leave. Thank you again for all your kindness to us... especially the taxi service when Tyler was out of town.
    Wishing you a good day- Tyler and Lila

  3. Hi guys. Glad to hear about Graham's progress. Hope you're getting some sleep. Take care, Jim & Mylien.