Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Post Surgery

Graham's surgery to remove a foreign object left from a previous procedure was successful. He had some problems maintaining oxygen level immediately following the surgery, but all is well now. Katie mentioned that the docs suspected it was the wire used to probe the vein before putting in the tunnel line, but it was actually the heparin coating around the wire that came off when the wire was withdrawn. It will be returned to the manufacturer with lot numbers to find out causes or if other surgeries had similar problems.
We hope the G-Man is extubated sometime tomorrow, so he can get back on track. Dr. West is going to take a more aggressive approach to getting his gut ready for breast milk. Huge step forward when it happens.
Graham's heart function is still not up to base line. He has a thickening in the wall of his left ventricle, which was perhaps caused by his hypertension. And now that his blood pressure is finally back to normal levels (hooray!) this heart problem should rectify itself.
Oh yeah...then there is the omphalocele. Remember that? It is healing wonderfully!


  1. What a huge relief that surgery went well. How scary! Prayers that the vent will be removed quickly. What great news that his bp is back to normal! He is moving right along:) Hopefully you will all be home soon! Love you all!

  2. This is great info! I'm so glad to hear surgery went well. Now we need to get that little heart on track. Well I hope to see him soon...I'm gonna have Lisa bring me up when u guys get home. I can't wait to give him little kisses on the head and smell that great baby smell!!! You guys hang in there and tell Graham I said HI w/ hugs and kisses!!!


  3. Wow,I can't believe the ups and downs you've had to negotiate with these past few months, but you guys are doing such a great job getting your little superhero ready for the world. Seems like this was what he needed to FINALLY be on the consistent up and up!

    Go baby G!

  4. Can't believe all that you have been through. And we can't believe something like that could possibly happen in a place like you are, but that goes to show us that nothing is perfect.
    Continuing to send positive thoughts your way and hope for news of the ventilator being removed very quickly. God bless you all!
    Hank and Betty

  5. Keep the good news coming and give Graham our love! We continue to send prayers and thoughts your way every day! xoxo, Kir and Andy

  6. Thinking about you guys! Can't wait to see that cute little guy this weekend! Jen