Sunday, February 7, 2010

Acting Like a Baby

Not much change since the last blog concerning Graham's lingering problems with breathing and digestion. He is showing some improvement in his respiratory function. Respiratory Therapy dialed down the oxygen he is getting through his cannula from 30% to under 25. We are light years away from ventilators and CPAPs, but looking forward to no cannula. G is still not ready for breast milk. Small improvement may see an attempt to introduce the magic milk through a tube to his stomach in the next few days. We'll know he has arrived when he starts breast feeding. Despite these nagging concerns, Graham is obviously feeling better. He is active. He is alert. He is smiling! Graham is acting just like a baby. The beauty of this is less need for all the drugs he has been taking to control pain and discomfort. Graham is in the midst of a weaning process, but already the drugs are no longer dampening his recovery. As if he hasn't already captivated us, the G-Man's emerging personality has now taken complete control. Discipline is off the table! video


  1. Glad to hear this news! I'm sure being able to see Graham's smile and personality is such a treat after so long! Hope you guys are doing well. Andy and I are due for another visit. Take care until we see you next. XOXO, Kir & Andy

  2. I'm friends with Julie Law and have been following your blog and praying for you. I'm so happy that you're able to enjoy Graham's sweet little personality and he's doing well. Enjoy these precious baby moments and soon enough you'll be telling him to stay out of the street, don't touch the hot burners on the stove, be nice, etc...
    Know that you have many people you don't know all over the world praying for your family!

  3. YAY for you guys! I'm sure those smiles are melting all of your hearts:) Great to hear!

    Amber Naughton

  4. How wonderful! Thanks for sharing and putting a smile on my face!

  5. Is he just the sweetest baby boy ever? What a trooper! What a cute little smile and so wonderful to hear his Mommy getting to enjoy it!!

  6. Oh, he looks so much better!!!! It will never cease to amaze me how much little ones can go through and come out smiling!! He is absolutely precious and I cannot wait to be able to see him!! The prayers are still coming...

    All our love,
    John and Laura Duerr, Rachel and Ryan and Aneta