Saturday, March 6, 2010

The H-Word

We have learned over the past three months that nothing about Graham is predictable. He is a man on his own schedule. But given that, we hope to make the trip home sometime this coming week. The perfect scenario, however, is not going to happen. Graham's swallow test yesterday did not go as well as anticipated. The fluoroscope showed that when Mr. G swallows breast milk, he aspirates a bit. This means that he must continue to get his nutrition through the NG (nasogastric)tube. We will continue this feeding process when we go home and will reevaluated in about four weeks. G is up to 70ml of fortified breast milk every four hours and is gaining weigh every day. The docs will continue to increase his intake, in 5ml increments, to the desired 90ml. Because of this increase in breast milk, Graham is almost completely weaned off his TPN, which means his central line can be removed soon.
Graham may also go home with a breathing assist. His fast breathing rate is still a problem and may necessitate oxygen through a cannula.
These interrelated breathing and swallowing problems are a reminder of how much our Graham has gone through. His lungs were seriously damaged and they simply need more time to recover. He was also on a ventilator for five weeks, which meant those muscles involved in swallowing did not have a chance to develop properly. Luckily, all should heal in time.
Happy Birthday, Katie!


  1. Oh, I'm glad to hear that the H-word is being mentioned out loud! It's got to be a little disappointing to imagine leaving with oxygen and an NG tube, but it'll be *so* nice and much more relaxing to finally be in your own home again. Sometimes I think that helps the healing process more than being around all that medical equipment and expertise does! We'll be happy to hear your little guy is heading back to Fort Wayne!

    Love, Stacey

  2. We've been gone so after reading your recent posts, all I can say is "YAHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" more later xoxo j and b

  3. Ahhh, yes, the 'h' word! That word was always a little bit of heaven to us! Glad to hear that Graham is tolerating his feeds and is weaning off of TPN. Yeah on being in a private room. Not many of those around RIley! We head to RIley with Willamina in the next week or so. I am keeping my fingers crossed that you will be home by then. . .

  4. Glad to hear the "h" word has been mentioned...but, don't tell Graham! :) And if going home on a little bit of oxygen and a small feeding tube is what it takes, then, trust me, it will be worth it. You guys are AMAZING parents and you will do awesome with all that stuff at home. It will be a breeze. I am back Tuesday night (tomorrow)...see you then! :)

  5. This is wonderful news! We hope you do make it home this weekend and we will see you very soon! It will be so great to get you back home!
    Love, Jeff and Bonnie