Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fun at Home

A new season has begun and this also rings true for our family. We couldn't be more thrilled to be back to our lives at home. Graham is adjusting beautifully, a very content baby just taking in all the new sights and sounds around him.
Emma and Riley each welcomed him with a little sniff. They aren't acting at all jealous and like to be wherever he is.
The weather this week couldn't be more gorgegous. Great timing for a very anxious mommy needing to get back to her daily enhanced with a stroller. Graham loved his first walk and then a second one later the same day.
At the pediatrician today, Graham has gone from 9.9lbs Friday leaving the hospital to 9.15lbs. We should be hitting that 10lb. mark soon, we are increasing his feeding volume twice a week.
Graham's care at home is going well. We have a nurse come in twice a week to help with dressing changes of his central line and whatever else we need. He is on oxygen and the NG feeding tube, but we don't let all that slow us down. He still loves being held, but he also loves his bouncy seat and crib.
He is sleeping through the night...12 hours! It's easy to do that when you have your food shot down a tube every 4 hours throughout the night. Swallow test on the 7th...then hopefully it'll come from Mommy or a bottle. far so good. It was a very smooth transition and we're just having fun being able to do all the things we fantasized about doing for the last 3 months.
Thanks for following our journey thus far. The blog doesn't end here...we're just getting started!!!


  1. What great news! Love the pictures, too! Keep up the good work, Graham!!

  2. Looks like Graham has a new best friend! J & M

  3. This looks wonderful! I'm so happy that Graham is doing so well. Love to read your updates! Lila Funk

  4. Just a visitor passing by...I happen to be a NICU Nurse Practitioner and know your baby is in the best possible place within your family surrounded by loving parents, I wish you all the best and pray for you to reach all your milestones ahead so he can show everyone the what the furure has for him...God Bless

  5. Welcome Home Graham! Good you are back home and keeping the dogs company. Love June and Liz