Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We're Baaaaaaack!

Back where?!? You ask? Well, obviously I'm back in the blog world. I took a six month hiatus. Journaling Graham's journey the first year of his life was such a helpful way to inform everyone of how Graham was doing. The overwhelming response we received mixed with being able to get some thoughts out, turned out to be extremely therapeutic. So yes, I am back with you. As we continue onto what has been laid out for us, whether it be a medical update or a vent session, I know it falls on the concerned eyes and minds of the people that love Graham and our family the most. Thank you.

Lately, medically, there hasn't too much to update on. The past 6 months have held many many joys for our family watching Graham grow and learn on a daily basis. Our lives stopped revolving around The Omphalocele. Graham started hitting milestones, having weekly playdates and has formed into such a sweet, silly little boy. I've started to heal from the events that took place his first few months. My obsessive worrying dwindled when we finally got to take his feeding tube out last September. I have been moving on with our life, it's been nice. The haunting memories still make random visits, but I know I'll carry those with me forever.
Looking back over the past six months especially, I must admit there has been a bit of denial on my part. I liked to think I was raising a normal, healthy baby and went about my days accordingly. I didn't want to face the fact that at some point the large bump on Graham's stomach would have to be repaired. That I'd be taking that walk down the 2nd floor hallway and experiencing the dreadful moment of when they take him away from me. Those worries flooding back.
The omphalocele stares us in the face everyday, but it's always just been a part of him. As his mother, I love every inch of him to pieces and see him as nothing but perfect. But physically, it's time. It has grown to the size of a softball and with Graham walking now and just being an all around little monkey, it's time to put that liver back in!!! So tomorrow we start the process of fixing Graham's omphalocele.
It will be 8-9 procedures/surgeries to repair "the bump".
First, tissue expanders (a port attached to a sophisticated balloon) will be placed on the sides of Graham's abdomen. One on each side underneath his skin. Starting next Wednesday, Dr. Havlik (plastic surgeon) will fill the balloons slightly with a saline resulting in stretching the skin. This outpatient procedure will take place every Wednesday through July and August with Graham under general anesthetic. The first 24 hours after this procedure are painful so Graham will be on pain meds. But after 48 hours, the discomfort will subside. September 2nd will be the "Big" surgery when they put everything that is out, back in...using the new stretched skin to cover.
So this is what we are embarking on. Yes, we are back at Riley. Yes, Graham is back in surgery. As much as those statements make me shiver, I have to realize that we are back with a strong, resilient child. THE G-MAN IS BACK!!!!!

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  1. Oh my gosh, he's sooo big! Love his hair! I have been wondering about you guys lately and I'm glad you're back.

    I can relate to everything you've said 100% about the emotional roller coaster. If you ever want to talk, feel free to e-mail me!

    Sadie was just released last Friday from her most recent surgery. You're going to love the new Simon Tower!

    Take care of yourselves--