Monday, June 7, 2010

Good News

We were greeted with some good news Sunday morning. The results from the CAT scan taken the night before indicated that there was no bowel blockage causing Graham's problem. Because the G-Man's alimentary track is a bit different and the fact he has had a major abdominal surgery, a blockage was a worry. But the only things to show up were some indications of distention and swelling in his intestines, probably caused by a viral infection.
Once the blockage was off the table and the doctor pronounced his bowel sounds good, we just had to wait for Graham to poop. (Haven't we been here before???) His stomach contents also finally began to run clear, so suctioning was stopped. We immediately broke out the old poop dance choreographed at Riley many months ago, and it worked ... with a little help from a glycerin chip. Katie was allowed to resume nursing this evening, and all is going well so far. If Graham's night is uneventful, he'll be discharged tomorrow morning.