Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thumb Sucker


Sunday was the day to change all of Graham's tubes. It's so strange to see him with all of them off his face. He seemed to really enjoy not having them all stuck on him so we went without for a short while.
He has a new favorite pasttime of sucking his thumb and of course we all watch on oohing and ahhing like we're watching a fireworks spectacle. It's just too darn cute!
We continue to let this little being take over our lives. He wakes up with that smile and it's still planted on his face when he goes to bed.
A couple of days after Graham's last swallow test, I decided to see if he would breastfeed. Sure enough, he did! I can't believe after 3 months of not doing it, he remembered. He's been improving by nursing more frequently and for longer periods of time. We still have the majority of his food coming from the feeding tube, but we're starting to transition away from it.
The next step toward getting our baby tube-free will be on April 27th when we go back to Riley. The pulminologist will hopefully take Graham off the small amount of oxygen he's receiving.
Our little guy needs to continue to gain weight and I think we'll have a pretty healthy baby on our hands.


  1. this post makes me sooooooooooooo happy!! :) love the video! makes me miss you guys too :( but i am thrilled with all big G's success stories! yay yay yay!!!

  2. I love seeing the joy in Graham's smile, and HEARING the joy in everyone's voice on the video! It's so different from the looks of concern and cautious optimism I saw on all your faces at Riley. Thanks for posting this, it is such a reminder that God answers prayers.

  3. I can definitely see why this would make you oooh and ahh! He is such a handsome little guy! Prayers for the 27th that all tubes will be removed. Keep the pics and videos coming!

  4. That video is adorable! I'm so happy to hear things are still improving for all of you! CUTIE!!!